Look Good, Feel Good

Because when we look good, we usually feel good, am I right? Something I have noticed about myself is that 9 times out of 10, if I look "cute" going into the gym, I'm going to have a good work out. Something about looking good just makes you feel like a total boss in the … Continue reading Look Good, Feel Good


Feeling pretty gross after all the not-so healthy food you've been eating the past few days? Maybe feeling like your body needs straight vegetables for a week? Because same. Thank you, Thanksgiving. I decided to do this super easy vegetable stir-fry last night because Jonah and I were just like..I can't eat another unhealthy meal … Continue reading VEGGIE STIR-FRY


Coming from a person who stresses about almost every detail in their life and who also has anxiety and has suffered from depression, I want to talk about about how it can affect your consistency of working out/eating healthy. Yes, stress, anxiety, and depression, usually all go hand in hand. The past month or so … Continue reading Stress