How to set goals

When I was trying to lose weight I kept giving myself these unrealistic goals and timelines. Yes, it is GREAT to set goals and I highly encourage setting them. The thing with setting those goals is that you need to make them realistic because not reaching your goals time after time can get extremely discouraging, leading to lack of motivation.

When I say set realistic goals, I don’t mean not to dream big. Set your mind to it and you can do anything..except lose 15 pounds in a week. That is not realistic.

Step One: Know. Your. Body.
It is so important to understand your body. Knowing if you gain muscle quickly or lose fat slowly, etc.. For example, I gain muscle quickly…so in the beginning it takes me longer to see weight loss on the scale because my body is more focused on gaining muscle rather than burning fat. Sometimes I even look bigger when my muscle is building faster than the fat is burning, which is why when I started losing weight I kick-started my fat burning with strictly fasted cardio.

Step Two: Know Your End Goal
With knowing your end goal, you’re able to set the small goals you need to help you accomplish your major goal.

Step Three: Set The Small Goals
This is where it is important to have your realistic goals. These are the goals that will motivate you to get closer and closer to your end goal.

Step Four: Go Get It!
Don’t forget, you are always more than welcome to reach out if you need advice or have questions or just anything really!

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