Italian dressing/olive oil Pasta

The other night we didn’t have much food left in the house and I was feeling some pasta. So I decided to throw the last veggie we had and two chicken breasts in with my little pasta sauce concoction I made up and it was soooooo good. I am clearly not afraid of carbs, if you’ve checked out other recipes I have on my blog, you would know.

And because I just threw this together I have absolutely no measurements, sorry guys.IMG_8060

Italian dressing
Olive oil
Garlic Powder
Red Pepper Flakes
Orange Bell Pepper

1) Cut your chicken to your preference. Stab some holes in it. Let it marinate in some lemon juice and Italian dressing.

2) Chop up your bell pepper.

3) Put chicken on pan or grill; whatever you prefer.

4) Boil water for pasta, once boiling, put noodles in.

5) Put bell pepper in pan with olive oil and garlic, cover, cook for a few minutes on medium-high, lower to a simmer to let steam. Stir occasionally.

6) While things are cooking, lets make our sauce. I used a decent amount of olive oil, a little less than the olive oil for the Italian dressing, some salt, some garlic powder, and a pretty good amount of pepper and red pepper flakes. I like a little spice.

7) Once everything is finished throw it all together, mix it up, and chow down.


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