Out of shape and discouraged/lack of motivation

Let me start this with..I have been extremely unmotivated, overwhelmed looking for a new job (since I moved to California), stressed, and very discouraged. Moving across the country is difficult when you don’t have a job lined up already, don’t have friends, and not much to do since it has been raining so much. Despite that, I am extremely thankful for my fiancé pushing me, being here for me, taking care of me, and trying to make a new place feel like home the best that he can.

With that being said..I get how hard it is to get back into a workout routine when so many life changes are happening. You get behind, you fall out of shape, and you start making more excuses.

When I’m not in shape, I am so much more discouraged. It’s like a chain that just continues to drag you down. Sadly, this is normal you guys. Don’t feel like you’re the only one who gets in these phases. Those fitness people on Instagram acting like they’ve never had a bad day or week or month…that’s not real. Yeah, some of them may not let their phase last long enough to get out of shape, but..I sure did. I am slowly finding my motivation, so I can stop letting being out of shape discourage me and being an excuse to not work out or go to the gym.

I hope this post will give you some motivation too. Think of something happy, something you love, a reason you want to feel good and look good. Sometimes that’s what I have to do to get myself motivated. Think of your goals; mental, health, physical, financial, school, career. Whatever your goals may be, I can tell you working out and eating better, will make you feel good about yourself to achieve other non health/fitness goals.

Find the time, get up, and just do it. YOU GOT THIS!

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