Since I have started recording my work outs recently, I have noticed that my form on certain exercises is not as good as I feel like it is, or as good as it could be. I am so glad I am able to watch back some of my work outs to realize these things and what I need to improve on.

Form is important because it not only can help prevent injury, but it can also help make sure you are targeting the correct muscles. If you are repeatedly doing the wrong motions you may never see the progress you are hoping for. One thing people don’t think about with proper form, is breathing. When you’re doing the correct form, it makes it easier to breath in and get oxygen to your blood, which obviously helps your blood flow better.

Not only that, but don’t you want to look like you know what you’re doing? Go into the gym confident that you’re doing the exercises properly and not making a fool of yourself.

If you have the opportunity to record your work out or you can work out in front of a mirror, I highly suggest it!

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