Sorry boys, you probably won’t be interested in this topic… 🙃

Let’s talk about that time of the month…
Does anybody else completely struggle to have motivation when PMS-ing and/or on their period? Have a serious sweet tooth? Cramping so bad you don’t want to move? BECAUSE SAME.

I seriously just went a whole week with out working out and ate chocolate almost everyday. No, I don’t do that every month, but some months are definitely worse than others..this one being worse than others.
I am here to say, you are not alone ladies. Don’t let that discourage you and don’t let that stop you from reaching your goals. As soon as you aren’t cramping and you’re feeling just a tad more motivation, get to it.

Today, I woke up, didn’t want to get up, didn’t really have the motivation, AND it’s rainy outside, but I have to convince myself to get my day started and to get it started right. I already took a week off, it’s time to get it. I had a nice breakfast, and I have my work out and my whole day planned.

Moral of the story: PERIODS ACTUALLY SUCK. Lol, kidding, sorta.. Yes, it’s okay to be down and not want to work out or eat very healthy for a couple days.  This time of the month can take so much of your energy and motivation. So take care of YOU. Do what you need to do to help you get through it. When you’re like me, don’t let your time off get you down, get back up when you’re feeling better, and continue reaching your goals!

One thought on “GIRLS ONLY

  1. What a great post! Very interesting, cant wait for the next girls only post. Cause I’m a girl and I am interested in daily struggles as a female.


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