The Reality of “Slumps”

When I first started my blog I told you guys it was going to be real and through the experiences of my journey. Because I have been having a lack of motivation due to many excuses I thought I should get a little more raw, rather than faking it and putting up a post that makes it seem like I’m still going strong with my work outs and eating healthy.

For the past..I would say about three weeks…I have probably worked out three times max. I have been extremely inconsistent and unmotivated. I make excuses and blame it on how busy I am and how tired I am because of how busy I am. And yes, that is true..I am extremely busy and I am extremely tired, but there are things that I can change with in my nutritional side to help my energy to be able to push through those busy times.

A reason, other than being busy, for my lack of energy, are my eating habits. I have been eating maybe one meal a day, sometimes two, with a snack or two here and there. My meals are small and my snacks aren’t every day. When I get busy I’m the type who forgets to eat. When I get past a certain amount of days/weeks of not eating much, my stomach shrinks, and so when I do recognize I’m hungry and need to eat I will hardly eat anything because I get full quicker. You may think that doesn’t sound so bad, but it is..not eating and getting enough calories is not healthy. It can damage so much more than just a lack of energy.

To add to that, I am anemic, which just means I have a deficiency of red blood cells, and I am supposed to take my normal vitamins (that includes iron) and also just my regular iron vitamin, to get the amount I need. When I’m not getting enough iron, I can take two hour naps everyday because I am lacking so much energy from just simply not taking my vitamins.

Yes, there is one more thing..WATER. You guys, I hate myself for doing this and even admitting to this, but I’m hardly drinking a full bottle of water a day right now. Water is SO SO SOO important to your health. There are so many benefits in drinking the amount of water needed daily. Water keeps you hydrated and staying hydrated means you have energy, your skin stays hydrated, helps prevent headaches, and so much more.
P.S. If you want to know an estimate on how much water you need daily: *your weight* multiply by (2/3) + 10 oz (for every 30 min you work out that day)

My point in letting you all in on my struggles is because I don’t want you to think I’m perfect. I want you to understand EVERYONE goes through these slumps and you’re not alone. I also want you to learn from my mistakes. After typing this and realizing how unhealthy I have has motivated me to want to get back into routine and get over this slump I am in. I hope that it can motivate you to do the same, especially if you’re struggling with any of these things. Being busy can’t be an excuse anymore. We have to take care of ourselves nutritionally before we will have the energy to work out the way we need to. Don’t forget that nutrition goes hand in hand with working out.

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