core burnout

IMG_6860Before I dive into a nice little core work out, I want to talk about what your core is and the importance of it. Now remember, the core isn’t just your abs, it is your abs, your obliques (muscles on the side), and your back. It consists of the muscles that stabilize your body. These muscles need to be hit just as much as you work out your butt, or legs, etc.. This group of muscles is called your core for a reason; the word core means “the central or most important part of something.” Is this all starting to make a little sense? Your core muscles not only help with stability, balance, posture, and preventing injures, but these muscles also protect your inner organs and nervous system. The WHOLE core is important, so lets try not to forget about it.

With that being said…I have a short core burnout that I like to do 2-3 times a week after a work out. Below I have 12 exercises. I will do each exercise as many times as I can within one minute.

bicycle crunch (slow it down a bit to make sure the straight leg is close to ground)
staggered push-ups (each side 30 sec; do from knees if needed)
v-ups (can do with or with out a medicine ball)
back extension lifts (arms vertically in front of you; slightly lifting legs as well)
side plank dips
regular push-ups (from knees if needed)
leg lifts
back extension lifts (arms horizontally out from the sides; slightly lifting legs as well)
regular crunches
russian twists
hands wide push-ups (from knees if needed)
scissors (keep legs close to ground; legs side to side, not lifting up and down)

Also I just want to mention most people don’t realize how much push-ups actually help your core; your chest, your back, and your abs are all being used.

Below I have added a few videos to help with a couple of the exercises. I realize now I probably should have recorded a couple more of them, but if you don’t know what something I always say..don’t be afraid to ask me!


Staggered push-ups – from both sides (yes my elbow and shoulder joints are weird)

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