Back to routine after vacation

Since I have been traveling more lately, I thought I should do a post on a few tips of how to make it a little easier to get back in to routine. Because who actually finds time to work out and wants to eat healthy while traveling and on vacation??

So with that being said, being the very lazy human that I am, I have always found it extremely difficult to get back into routine after traveling. I don’t unpack for sometimes weeks, I stay in “vacation mode” for what could be up to a week after (meaning I’m still eating like crap), and I just feel super blah. IMG_7365

What I have learned: 

  • Drink water — Obviously you should always be drinking plenty of water, but I know sometimes it can be difficult to drink the amount you need when on vacation. So as soon you get to the airport, start drinking water. Get your body rehydrated.
  • Unpack immediately — Don’t make excuses, unpack and get all of your things organized. Unless your flight is like super late..get some sleep, then get organized. 
  • Eat CLEAN — I know you probably didn’t eat very well on vacation (I know I don’t), so as soon you’re hungry for the first time after getting back home, make it something healthy! Get your body back into that healthy mindset. Continue eating clean and get rid of all the unhealthy food you ate on vacation. 
  • REST — This is so important. Traveling can be extremely exhausting. If you don’t get the rest you need, your body will never feel 100% and you’ll continue making the excuses not to work out and get back into your routine.

Unpack ASAP. Rest. Eat Clean. Drink Water. 

Try to remember these things the next time you get back from traveling, so you can set yourself up for success!

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