Fasted Cardio

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re body can handle it, I highly advise it. When someone tells me they want to lose weight, I always suggest them to start the first two weeks of their weight loss journey doing 3-5 days of 45 minute fasted cardio. This is something that worked for me tremendously. Because I was so inconsistent with my fitness, this last “cycle” of my weight loss journey I did 5 days, 45 minute fasted cardio ONLY (no lifting, no body weight work outs, just straight cardio) for two weeks. For me, I felt like it really kick started my weight loss. 

When doing my fasted cardio, I always do a five minute warm up, stretch a bit, then continue my cardio for 40 more minutes, while keeping my heart rate around 130. When doing fasted cardio, if you’re doing it to lose weight, keeping you’re heart rate in the “fat burning zone,” about 60-70% of your max heart rate (220-your age), is very important.

I would do this before getting my day started and after I would go home and have a yummy and good filling breakfast. My breakfast would usually consist of, one piece of toast with avocado spread on top, salted and peppered, sometimes two pieces of bacon (sometimes no bacon), a few cherry tomatoes cut in half, topped with an egg over medium; soooo good. With this breakfast you’re getting some carbs, fats, and protein. Getting in your macros right after fasted cardio will help replenish your body and give you the nutrients you need.  

For those of you who do have a hard time working out when not eating before and you are interested in trying this, start with a spoonful of peanut butter and maybe a little fruit in the mornings before the work out. Everyday eat less, getting your body use to fasted cardio. 

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