This work out is directed toward toning and burning fat, not necessarily building muscle. I know as a girl, most of us rather tone than build when it comes to our arms. I am definitely that way because my arms are the easiest muscles for me to build. To my guys (if I even have any male readers lol) or just anyone wanting to build muscle: you can still do this work out. Just raise your sets, lower your reps: heavier weight. I always suggest doing a warm up set with lower weight just to help activate your muscles. If you’re curious to why I incorporated chest with arms is because with chest exercises you still are using a lot of arm muscles, although they may not be the prime movers, they still assist in the exercise.

Focus on your form when doing all of these exercises. When you begin to fatigue it can become easier to lose focus on your form. Also remember, if you’re struggling, don’t stop. Finish out your sets and reps, just lower your weight. THAT IS OKAY AND NORMAL. Especially if you’ve just started working out because you’re still learning your body and how much weight you can lift and what exactly your body will allow you to do. Not everyone is the same, so don’t feel discouraged if you do struggle, just make those little adjustments to fit this work out to you.


Warm up: Get your arm circles, arm swings, and some arm extensions in, to help get your blood flowing and the start of warming up muscles going.

Work out:

Alternating reg. bicep curl to hammer curl
1×14 light
2×18 normal

Overhead dumbbell triceps extensions
1×15 light
2×18 normal

Dumbbell chest press
1×10 light
2×15 normal

Cable bicep curls

Cable tricep press down

Cable chest fly

*Notice the last three exercises I don’t do a lighter weight/warm up. That is because I have already activated and warmed up those muscles.

Cardio: I usually finish any day, other than leg/butt day, with the stair stepper for about 10-15 minutes, not really pushing it, just keeping my heart rate at a steady 130-140. Mostly just because I’m obsessed with getting my butt toned 🙂

Cool down: Sometimes I will walk around a little if my heart rate is still pretty high. Then, as always, I STRETCH the muscles I worked during my work out.

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