Coming from a person who stresses about almost every detail in their life and who also has anxiety and has suffered from depression, I want to talk about about how it can affect your consistency of working out/eating healthy. Yes, stress, anxiety, and depression, usually all go hand in hand.

The past month or so my life has been insane, from school to work to family problems to to moving houses to financial issues to being sick to traveling, you name it. I have an EXTREMELY hard time staying focused with my fitness when I’m going through really difficult times and stressing over everything. I don’t usually completely shut down, but I have in the past, which is why I was so inconsistent with my weight loss, and now I have become just slightly inconsistent, as in I won’t work out for a few days and then I will for two days, which is some progress. I don’t let myself become completely discouraged just because I had a few bad days.

So I just want to say that IT’S OKAY. It is okay to get a little off your game or have a week of no working out because you are just that stressed out, but do NOT let that stop you from reaching your goal. Get your mind in a good place and start where you left off. Don’t let your weaknesses of stress, anxiety, or depression, discourage you from continuing your progress, when your stresses are less and your mind is ready again. Also something that has helped a ton was finding a good support system who continues to push me when I’m down and encourage me to get back into my fitness routine. My mom aIMG_5844nd boyfriend especially, help me so much when I let stress get the best of me. They are always reminding me that getting myself in the gym will help the stress lighten and that I will feel better when I’m done. Honestly, a good support system through anything in life is so important.

With that all being said, I did have a month full of inconsistencies, but I’m back where I left off and continuing my progression through my fitness journey. I didn’t let it discourage me, so try not to let your hard times in life discourage you either. Keep pushing!

One thought on “Stress

  1. Great article! Very humble, and such a true story of struggle. Very motivating, I feel this is alot more down to earth. A lot of fitness gurus always talk about some crazy situations and how they walked on water to get where they are at, but you provide an honest insight to the struggle with staying fit, and stress free. LOVE

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