Every girl’s favorite muscle to build! I have two work outs below that focus on building that butt you’ve always wanted, my favorite home work out and my favorite gym work out.

Gym work out:

  • Warm up
    • 5 min. stair machine
    • 3-5 min. dynamic leg stretches
  • Lifting (30 second rest between each set)
    • Narrow Stance Smith Machine Squats
      • 1×15 (lighter weight)
      • 3×12 (heavier weight)
    • Deadlift
      • 1×18 (lighter weight)
      • 3×15 (heavier weight)
    • Cable Kickback (THESE KILL– if you’re doing them for the first time, be careful with how much weight you are lifting)
      • 1×15 (lighter weight)
      • 3×12 (heavier weight)
    • Barbell Sumo Squat
      • 1×18 (lighter weight)
      • 3×15 (heaver weight)
  • Cardio
    • I always do cardio after my lifting work outs if they are less than 45 minutes long. I change my cardio machine almost every time. Usually, on a butt day, I do the elliptical for about 20 minutes and I always slow it down the last 3-5 minutes to help start my cool down.
  • Cool down
    • 10-15 minutes of static stretching


Home work out:

  • Warm up
    • Jog for a minute
    • Jumping jacks for a minute
    • High knees for 30 seconds
    • Dynamic leg stretches for 3 min
  • Work out – For my home work outs I like to keep my heart rate up majority of the time and have it as more of a cardio circuit. Do each set of the four exercises twice.
    • 4 exercises continuously for 7 minutes
      • 25 Squats
      • 10 Burpees
      • 12 ea. leg Lunge to Kickback
      • 24 Step-ups (12 ea. leg)
    • 1-2 minute break
    • 4 exercises continuously for 7 minutes
      • 12 ea. leg Fire Hydrant
      • 24 Jump Lunges
      • 20 Sumo Squats
      • 24 Mountain Climbers
    • Repeat ALL once
  • Cool down
    • Walk around for about 3 minutes to let your heart rate come down
    • Static stretching for 10-15 minutes


I hope you guys enjoy those work outs! If you guys have any questions or don’t know what an exercise is, PLEASE contact me and I will help you out! Also if you happen to want to see videos or pictures of work outs next time instead, please let me know. Feedback is always appreciated 🙂

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