Thoughts on dieting

I would like to start this post off with: not one person’s body or lifestyle is the same. Just because one specific diet works for your friend, does not mean it’s going to work for you. Not only that, diets take serious consistency. At this age, with how much our life changes and how busy we get, who actually has time for an extremely strict diet??? NOT ME.

With my lifestyle, every day is different. That makes it extremely hard to stay strict with meal plans and/or diets that I have tried. When I was staying strict with a meal plan…to be honest, I was miserable. I was literally stressing myself out because I wanted to stay on top of it, but my schedule was different every day and that made it very difficult for me.

By no means am I saying to never try out diets or to never follow a meal plan, if you can do it, DO IT and find which works best for you. I am saying, that if doing those things are hard for you to stay consistent with, start moderately. Slowly adjust your eating habits to smaller portions and healthier foods. If you want some ice cream after dinner one night, eat some ice cream, but eat one scoop, rather than two. Everything in moderation. Starting is the hardest part, there is no need to over do it, slowly get your body and your mind adjusted to eating differently.

One thought on “Thoughts on dieting

  1. Great article! Love reading about your story. Maybe you could post a few home made meals you make, also with meals you can get out at restaurants that are beneficial.

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