How my journey started..

I thought I would start out my first post with just giving you guys a little background of me and my fitness journey!
Growing up I have always been an athlete, always in shape, always playing sports, just always a pretty active person. It didn’t matter what I was eating, when I was eating, how much I was eating, I always looked skinny and fit–a lot of that has to do with my natural muscular build also. BUT then college started and a huge slap of reality hit me right in the face.
My first semester of college I was extremely depressed, I barely ate, but I worked out all the time. I was the smallIMG_2193est I had ever been and I looked “good” because I had abs and my arms were tiny. I was weighing around 120 pounds, which is small for someone with a body type like mine. The middle of my second semester of college (Spring 2015) rolls around, my depression is gone, I’m eating whatever, I’m going out with friends and drinking alcohol, and working out less because I was “too busy”. I slowly noticed myself beginning to gain weight..and by the end of the summer I was weighing around 140. My weight was fluctuating a bit because I would be super incoIMG_2194nsistent with working out and trying to eat healthy. For the past three years I have struggled with staying below 140. Last year, I was getting close to staying consistently under 140…until I broke my foot, and did nothing other than drink alcohol and eat extremely unhealthy. Once I was released from my doctor I was sitting a little above 150 pounds and that’s when IMG_2189it really hit me, that I could not keep doing this and that I really needed to take control of my health. I started out with getting a personal trainer, mostly because I felt like if IMG_2191I had someone holding me accountable, I would stay consistent. And I did stay consistent, for about 8 weeks. I was hardly drinking alcohol (if I was, it was vodka water…YEAH. GROSS. I KNOW), I was working out 5-6 days a week, and following an extremely strict meal plan. I lost about 12 pounds in 12 weeks with this plan. The last four weeks I wasn’t as strict with my meal plan because it was really difficult for me. Once I started school at Texas Woman’s University in fall of 2017, I finally really started to geIMG_2188t into my major of exercise science. I began learning so much more about my body and how to treat and take care of it. I’m not going to lie though, I continued to be pretty inconsistent up until about January of this year. I am now finally sitting at about 136 pounds and I want to continue to lose about 8 more pounds of fat, while continuing to still grow muscle and have a healthy diet (which by no means is perfect and never will be LOL). I have learned so much through all of this and am still learning and I can’t wait to continue to share my journey and teach you through all of my experiences! P.s. All of these pictures are just random “progress” pictures to help you understand my inconsistency with losing weight the past few years and obviously where I am proud to be now. 🙂




6 thoughts on “How my journey started..

  1. This is so awesome!!! Keep up your hard work!! Being in college, and relating to some of the things you mentioned has me feeling so motivated to start taking care of my body again. Thank you for that!


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